How to Convert OBS MKV to MP4 Efficiently on Windows?

There are two ways.

1> Activate Automatically remux to MP4 setting

Step 1. Open OBS and tap on File. Find the Settings and head to Advanced in the pop-up Settings window.
Step 2. Move to the Recording section and check the “Automatically remux to MP4” box.
Step 3. Hit OK to save the changes, and the auto MKV to MP4 is activated now!

2> Manually remux OBS MKV to MP4

Step 1. Run OBS and click File on the top menu bar, then select the Remux Recordings option.
Step 2. Add the MKV recording to the interface by clicking the three-dotted button under the OBS Recording section.
Step 3. Click the three-dotted button under the Target File to select an output path and rename the recording.
Step 4. Press Remux to start the process.


Knockout fromJS simple example

Define a view model;

var mappedViewmodel = ko.mapping.fromJS({
            name: 'Shahzad Khan',
            age: 55
        ko.applyBindings(mappedViewmodel, document.getElementById("simpleData"));

Display on page;

<div class="col-sm-6">
    <h3 class="text-left">Knockout fromJS simple example</h3>
        <div id="simpleData">
            <p>name: <label data-bind="text: name" /></p>
            <p>age: <label data-bind="text: age" /></p>

Another good tutorial is here

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Tips to repair Sense screen detached

Sense screen detached as many user experienced.

The key point of repair by youself is find the right glue.

as a display engineer, I aware of the most suitable fix method is TPU adhesive bonding, but it’s not easy to find heating tpu dispenser equipment, so I just want find the easy way to bond the screen.

The answer is A130 structure adhesive,  you  can find it in google, you can get one for 2 dollar.

The glue  come with a needle, so you can easily apply to you frame of watch body. please make sure use a plasitic clip to apply force to body&screen for at least 3 hrs, now your screen secured!

Firstly I completely remove the residue of glue  both on screen and frame.

secondly I use fine cotton swap (with small tip) wet by 99% alcohol to clean both surface of frame and screen

After 2 weeks I glued my watch face, today my sense detached it’s wristband on its own,  the sense fall to the floor, it’s amazing the screen is still secured, that proves the fix for screen detached is successful!

Now we have to deal the second detaching problem, the wristband came off.

I carefully look into the structure of connection, find the root cause for wristband came off is due to the snap fit clearance is a bit large! so you can easly fixed it by stick a piece of paper with  a self-adhesive on the connection area, just like below photo. that’s it!

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