Window server core configuraiton

Windows Core is mostly PowerShell and command driven. Here are some key questions and answers to get you started with this flavor.

Is there any way I can tell windows to automatically try to find drivers for all devices (of course after I establish network connection) so I don’t have to click on each device?

Try configuring windows (with the help of sconfig.cmd) to search windows updates for device drivers. Check the following links

How can I Install drivers manually on core?

You can manually install drivers on Windows Server core with Pnputil. Check the following link,

Installing Drivers on Windows Server Core

Is there a way to use device manager from remote server?

Yes, you can use access the device manager of your core server from other computers MMC snap-in. Check the following link (section 1.3)

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Author: Shahzad Khan

Software developer / Architect