How to create midnight datetime

Midnight is the first one – It’s the very first second of the day, not the last.

var todayDateTime = DateTime.Today;
var Midnight = todayDateTime.AddSeconds(-1);
//Here are the results
Console.WriteLine($"Today {todayDateTime.ToString()}, Mid night {Midnight.ToString()}");

The output is this;

Today 10/8/2021 12:00:00 AM, Mid night 10/7/2021 11:59:59 PM

jQuery Ajax – tips

jQuery Ajax is async by nature. We use to set a flag “async:false” if we need to make Ajax call sync (non-blocking). This feature has been deprecated. Here is a compile list of Ajax using jQuery;

Alternative to “async: false” for successive AJAX calls

Handling Sequential AJAX Calls using jQuery

Multiple Simultaneous Ajax Requests (with one callback) in jQuery

jQuery callback for multiple ajax calls

jQuery.when understanding

jQuery Promises – Taking action .when() multiple ajax calls are complete

Get base url in javascript

If you are constructing your URL like this;

message += '<br><a href=/Project/GetFileData?documentId=' + response.Data.vm.DocumentId + '>' + response.Data.vm.FileName + '</a>';

You will get results like this;

This will not work on a web site that has following URL;

To fix this problem in ASP.NET Core, use this;

var url = '@Url.Content("~");
message += '<br><a href=' + url + '/Project/GetFileData?documentId=' + response.Data.vm.DocumentId + '>' + response.Data.vm.FileName + '</a>';

Other useful function to find URL are;

var url = window.location.origin;
var host =;
var pathArray = window.location.pathname.split( '/' );

Return a Json Object from another function call

When we try to capture a value from called method we get undefined. The reason is that data hasn’t been fetched yet. Fetch takes some time to make the call and send back the result, and it’s asynchronous, Here is an example;

function getApi() {
  var obj;

    .then((res) => res.json())
    .then((data) => (obj = data));

  return obj;

let x = getApi();

When we console.log the value, getApi() didn’t finish yet, therefore didn’t set the obj

The fetch method is asynchronous, so obj is undefined because the code is going to the next instruction without waiting the fetch. We can simply use async/await method that is a great way to make asynchronous calls because await will wait for the result before going to the next instruction.

async function getApi() {

      const response = await fetch("")
      const obj = await response.json()
      return obj;

(async() => {
   let x = await getApi();