Visual Studio licensing and pricing

There are two models. Subscription based and Volume licensing program; The subscription-based pricing is on Microsoft web site;

Professional = $45 per month

Enterprise = $250 per month

Microsoft has partners that might be able to help you in lowering subscription pricing by applying discounts that are not available to general public. In one instance I have been offered Enterprise edition @2,500/year for 5 developers.

Estimated pricing for volume licensing program (5 developers);

This program has one-time payment. This is a perpetual license and if software assurance is involved, you are eligible to get newer version. MSDN subscriptions are usually valid for two years. MSDN renewal is a recurring expense and cost about 20-30% of software cost.

Here is the breakdown;


The minimum limit here is 5 because there is no MSDN subscription.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 Professional – License – 1 User – Microsoft Open License – Single Language – PC

$496.57 x 5 = $2,482.85

Professional with MSDN

Microsoft Visual Studio Professional Edition with MSDN – License & Software Assurance – 1 User – Microsoft Qualified – Microsoft Open Business – All Languages – PC

$1,080.87 x 5 = $5,404.35

Enterprise with MSDN

Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise With MSDN – License & Software Assurance – 1 User – Volume, Microsoft Qualified – All Languages – PC

$8,638.64 x 5 = 43,193.20

If budget is a constraint and wanted software assurance then I will suggest to go for Professional with MSDN. You can pick whatever suits you.

There are 3rd party vendors offer lower rates but not sure how that will work out. Here is one.


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Author: Shahzad Khan

Software developer / Architect