Handling custom dataset in C#

I am receiving this dataset from a remote server;

TagNumber	TagCode	CageNumber	FoodType	FoodValue
A-2021-1	WHITE	A9:I10	        Milk	        A11:I
A-2021-1	WHITE	A9:I10	        Corn	        A10:I
A-2021-1	RED	A11:I13	        Meat	        B1:B2
A-2021-1	RED	A11:I13	        Hay	        A14:I
A-2021-1	GREEN	A8:J9	        Milk	        B1:B2
A-2021-1	GREEN	A8:J9	        Milk	        A10:J

I need to create this object, a complex type;

public class Animal
    public string TagNumber { get; set; }
    public string TagCode { get; set; }
    public string CageNumber { get; set; }
    public List<AnimalFood> Food { get; set; }

public class AnimalFood
    public string FoodType { get; set; }
    public string FoodValue { get; set; }

There could be many ways to handle this. This is one of them;

Create a dictionary object using LINQ GroupBy and TagCode column from incoming dataset;

var allAnimals = animalData
    .GroupBy(item => item.TagCode)
    .ToDictionary(grp => grp.Key, grp => grp.ToList());

Create unique animals out of dictionary object;

var uniqueAnimals = allAnimals.Keys.Distinct().ToList();

Create the object (animal) and add them to zoo :);

var zoo = new List<Animal>();
foreach (string animal in uniqueAnimals)
    var animalRow = allAnimals[animal];
    var animalRowFirst = animalRow.FirstOrDefault();
    var animalRecord = new Animal
         TagNumber = animalRowFirst.TagNumber,
         TagCode = animalRowFirst.TagCode,
         CageNumber = animalRowFirst.CageNumber
    //time for food
    var animalFood = new List<AnimalFood>();
    foreach(var item in animalRow)
        item.Food.ForEach(x =>
            animalFood.Add(new AnimalFood
                  FoodType = x.FoodType,
                  FoodValue = x.FoodValue
   //this is our custom type
   animalRecord.Food = animalFood;

Sample output;

It’s easier to apply different filters on this object;

var animalFilter = zoo.Where(x => x.TagCode.ToUpper() == "WHITE");



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Author: Shahzad Khan

Software developer / Architect